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04 Jan 13 Thai Phooket – Thai Restaurant

Thai Phooket Nashville, TN dining experience

I like to try different kinds of foods and restaurants so when recently I had an opportunity to visit a Thai Restaurant I was all over it especially since I had nothing else to do lol. So I decided to check out Thai Phooket, Located at 207 Woodland Street Nashville, TN 37213.

Exterior of the restaurant

Now if you look at the outside of the restaurant it really isn’t impressive at all check out the view from Google Maps:

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Interior of the restaurant

Interior of the Thai Phooket was so so again nothing impressive, they did have some cool pictures on the wall and a huge dragon that I liked. Wait staff was very nice and dressed very professional wearing white shirts and black pants.


I ordered seafood combo with red curry and for an appetizer I ordered vegetable rolls. Since I did not eat breakfast that morning I was starving by now. Thank God they brought the little cup of soup and my vegetable rolls fast. Those vegetable rolls were amazing. I believe it was vegetables, noodles rolled with this rice base wrapping and they came with this awesome spicy peanut butter dressing. Believe it or not after eating 3 I was full.
Thai Phooket - Vegetable Roll

Next stage was the main course it did not take them very long to bring that waitress brought it over as soon as I was done with my third vegetable roll. Seafood combination red curry came with white rice. I added it all on top of the white rice. My first bite was delicious and it just kept getting better and better with each bite. Since I don’t eat really spicy food I asked them to make it very mild, but you can order it hot if you want.

Thai Phooket - Seafood Red Curry on rice

Thai Phooket - Seafood Red Curry


In the end I would just like to say that my overall experience at Thai Phooket was really good. I’m not worried about the exterior of the restaurant or interior, as long as it is decent enough to sit and not gross. Wait staff was very professional and nice, food came nice and hot and I did not have to wait for it to long, by the time I was leaving that place was packed. I would definitely go back to Thai Phooket downtown Nashville again.

12 Nov 12 Maryland Farms Family Dentistry – My experience

Dental office visit at Maryland Farms Family Dentistry

Recently I needed some dental work done so I started looking for dentist offices in Brentwood, TN 37027 area. As it is a convenient location for me. After some searching and reading reviews I found this place called Maryland Farms Family Dentistry. They did not have any reviews on Google+, so I guess I took that as a good thing since most of the others had bad reviews. Plus main Dentist, James N. Burton, D.D.S. had a nice profile and I felt comfortable scheduling an appointment with them. I mentioned to them that I need to get the usual teeth cleaning done and talk about grinding teeth issue. Scheduling lady was very polite and I was able to schedule my appointment right away.

Inside the Office Appointment Day

Certainly a beautiful office, nice clean interior, nice paintings on the wall, clean good equipment without a doubt. Front desk very polite, took my information and asked me to fill out the paper work. I filled out everything and again mentioned the two reasons I was there for. Then I asked her about my insurance coverage and she mentioned that they will check it out, I mentioned it to her that I don’t want to get into any services where I’ll have to pay from my pocket at this time. I was told that no problem they will let me know. Any ways I get called into the office by a lady. She told me that they are getting me the mouth guard for the night. Again I asked her is it covered by the insurance I don’t want to pay out of my pocket and what about the teeth cleaning I wanted to really get that done first. I didn’t get a solid answer on the insurance but she did tell me well every one is busy for the cleaning today so you have to schedule another visit for that. Right there I knew what they were doing. Certainly multiple visits equals more $$$ for them. Any ways on my way out AGAIN I asked about the insurance coverage and mentioned that I want to make sure that I don’t have to pay for it and I was just given a very generic answer.

Second Visit

Well I go there for my second visit and they did the cleaning and finally the doctor decided to grace me with his presence and I started to feel like I am talking to a used car salesman, you need this and that and lets schedule this next week (another visit). I was like wait wait, who is paying for all this work you are mentioning you guys have yet to verify my insurance and tell me how much it is going to cost me. I don’t want to do all that right now. I just came in mainly for my cleaning. Any ways I took the night guard they special build for me. I tried it on and they said it is going to be a little tight. Well it was a lot tight and did not align with my teeth right and was very annoying to wear. I actually stopped wearing it.

Now what I was scared of happened, last week I get mail from my insurance carrier telling me that the procedure they did was not covered so they will not pay for it. So I call the office and ask them about it and the lady was like yeah your insurance did not pay for it so you have to pay for it because you agreed to it. I was like really I kept asking you about the insurance and you guys kept giving me the run around and I told every one over and over that I do not want to pay for it from my pocket if insurance does not cover it. So you guys basically just decided to give me something that I did not want to pay for on your own? She had no answer for me. I simply told her to cancel my future appointments because next time I rather go to an office that is not going to rip off people and will know how to verify insurance before giving services/products to people.

Bottom Line

I was very disappointed after even my first experience, still decided to give them a chance. Polite staff, but the practice is just like so many other Dental practices being run as a used car sales shop. What I learnt from this is next time do not agree to anything until you call your own insurance company and confirm the benefits because they will not do that for you.

31 Oct 12 Fajitas Texanas from Casa Fiesta – Antioch, TN

Casa Fiesta Mexican Restaurant

I love Fajitas especially the combination ones with chicken, steak and shrimp all mixed together.  I found this great place recently called Casa Fiesta – 1111 Bell Rd. Antioch, TN 37013, thanks to Google Maps and decided to give them a shot.

Inside the Restaurant

When we got there it was a pretty busy place however it did not take us to long to find a place to sit. Hosts were very nice and were greeting every one coming in. Our waiter was very polite and well mannered. We did not have to wait to long. As you can guess I ordered my favorite dish, yes those mixed Steak, Chicken and Shrimp Fajitas. On the menu they call them Fajitas Texanas. Single serving was around $11 and double around $17.


Now my last experience at a different restaurant was pretty bad so I was really hoping that this place would be nice. Waiter got us the corn chips with salsa dip It was really awesome. Finally after like make be finishing our cor chips I heard sizzling noise near me and yes that was our food. When he put the dish in front of me I was like wow is this a single serving. Very generous portion and looked amazing, as you can see from the picture below :) . I took a single bit of shrimp, steak and then chicken and they were all delicious. Absolutely enjoyed every bite and had enough to last me for dinner.


Definitely liked my experience there and looking forward to go back there again, good host, good waiter, fast service, hot food, loved the salsa dip as well:

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